Think Smart.
Think Like An Attorney.

a business empowerment philosophy by

Brendan J. Cody, J.D. & Professional Speaker



a business empowerment philosophy by
Brendan J. Cody, J.D. & Professional Speaker


The Philosophy

Veteran attorney Brendan Cody empowers audiences to find lasting success by providing them with a law-based platform for advanced thinking. Mr. Cody has consolidated the skills, tactics, and strategies utilized by the greatest lawyers in history into a simple, accessible philosophy.

This concept is broken down into three major components:


The law is more than a collection of rules and rulings. Law is a way of thinking: objective, analytic, and disciplined. Clear thinking creates clear results.


Self-research leads to self-reliance. Become your own best advocate and then confidently advocate for others.


Legal thinking skills are transferable to life and business for not only lasting success but unstoppable confidence.

Think Like an Attorney is available for your next event. (Book coming soon.)

The Presentation
Brendan Cody empowers audiences to grasp the reins of their own thoughts and leverage their innate analytic abilities, inspiring his audience to propel themselves into success. Audiences have been raving about Brendan Cody’s public presentations.


The Book (coming soon)
Think Like an Attorney takes readers through the life of an attorney. From the Freshman Law Student to the Eager Young Lawyer to the Veteran Attorney, each step on the path provides new insights into how you can apply the principles of law and clear thinking to everyday life and business.



The Presentation

Brendan Cody enables audiences to grasp the reigns of their own thoughts and leverage their innate analytic abilities. He inspires his attendees to propel themselves toward success. Audiences have been raving about Brendan Cody’s public presentations.


What is the law of YOUR case? Have you read it? Have you written it down? Ensure that no one takes advantage of you with Brendan’s time-tested techniques.


Don’t feel your way—think your way through adverse situations. Your conduct and your thoughts should be as formal as a courtroom blueprint.


You may not always have the strongest goods or services. Legal thinking skills can turn a weak case into a winning case.

Available for keynote speeches, seminars, conferences, continuing education, and training sessions.


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Want Think Like an Attorney the Book?



The Book

Engage a new engine of thought.

How do you make your case in the courtroom of life? How do you react once that curveball has been pitched? Think Like an Attorney empowers you to realize that the first thing that stops you in your tracks or propels you to success are your own thoughts. By learning the fundamentals of lawerly thinking, you will be able to grasp the reins of your mind.


Law students learn an entirely new language—the legal language. It’s the language that governs and structures our world. By learning its key concepts, you’ll be able to capture success.


Socratic analysis, unemotional reasoning, and ordered thinking will instill a new engine of thought in you. You’ll learn to love superior simplicity and how to remove the complexity of clutter.


When you have your life in order, when you are living by protocols and planning each step, you can achieve anything. It only takes learning to think with clarity and objectivity.



Thinking like an attorney truly makes our minds work for us. Not against us. It is truly mind over emotion.

– Rick Schroeder, Attorney at Law

Finally, a seminar that helps me ‘out think’ the other guy.

– Conor O’Neill, M.D.

Wow! What a great keynote speech. Brendan is the next Tony Robbins of law.

– Brenda Fake, author of What Works for GE May Not Work For You

We all need to know a little law

Public Speaking Guarantees

Brendan works with you to tailor his message to your organization’s mission, needs, and key drivers. He can communicate the “law” of your organization to your team, reinforcing your philosophy, values, and brand.


Brendan will teach your group the fundamentals of law, as well as the philosophy behind legal thinking.


Let Brendan entertain your troops. He has seen the best and the worst of the legal profession. He’s got some stories. Mr. Cody weaves humorous and moving “war stories” into his presentations that illustrate key takeaways and concepts.


Whether you’re a sales team, an HR department, or a high-level executive, Brendan Cody will articulate clear applications of lawyerly thinking to cement your edge over the competition.

Ready to supercharge your audience?

About Brendan

Mr. Cody is a graduate of the College of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He obtained his degree in sociology and graduated Magna Cum Laude. He is also a member of the Delta Epsilon Sigma Honor Society.

Brendan graduated from the William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota with a Juris Doctorate. He was admitted to the Minnesota State Bar as well as Minnesota Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court.

Brendan Cody has been advocating for his clients for over thirty years. He has argued numerous cases to administrative law judges, trial judges, juries, and appellate judges.

Brendan has been accepted as a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum which is reserved exclusively for lawyers who have obtained a $1 million jury verdict. He was voted by his peers as a Super Lawyer in the year 2000 and further was selected as a member of the national Registry of Who’s Who published that same year.

He thereafter began working on the curriculum that formed the foundation of Think Like an Attorney. Today, Mr. Cody shares his insights at events, conferences, continuing education seminars, and corporate training sessions.

Brendan has delivered keynote speeches at the following institutions:

thinking for the courtroom of life. Let’s start.

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